Resolution to Promote a Healthy California through Single Payer Healthcare

Last night HPD passed a resolution in support of advancing #SB562, The Healthy California Act, which will guarantee healthcare to all Californians:

BE IT RESOLVED that the Humboldt Progressive Democrats recognizes that California must lead the way, nationally, to establish healthcare as a human right and that healthcare must be guaranteed to all, and strongly supports the passage of the Healthy California Act (SB562), a single payer healthcare program that provides comprehendsive, secure, sustainable, and quality healthcare for all Californians.

❤️ #SB562 for a #HealthyCA is NOT dead yet. ❤️

We need every human who breathes air and drinks water to engage their legislators with support for #SinglePayerNOW. It’s up to us.

The Healthy California Act: The Problems, The Solutions, And The Future of SB 562

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