Minutes | April 18, 2018

Call to Order

Roll Call
Minutes from 4/18/18 meeting were approved without any changes. Acting Secretary failed to note who motioned and seconded…. (No Secretary report due to absence.)

Guest Speakers Intro – New people
Brandie Wilson and Karen Paz Dominguez were new to HPD and introduced themselves.

Treasurer Report – Approximately $200 in outstanding expenses. Currently there is $1,832.19 in checking and $50.00 in the HPD savings accounts.

Chair report – Helene is getting up to speed after her first full month as HPD Chair. She spoke about the progress being made within the CA Democratic Council. There was an election in Feb. with Progressive slate that was challenged. The issue was recently resolved within the last several weeks. New slate is very progressive according to Helene!
Updates were made to the HPD brochure. It was announced that this will be the last meeting in the current location on 4th St. in Eureka.

Committee reports
Fundraising Committee Report – Shirley Groom said there was not much activity so far. One new member added recently. Only one bid so far. Pat Kanzler has generously donated some of her amazing art prints, so people should go check it all out!

Media & Communications Committee – Stephanie Haines reported for the Comm. since both Tom and Scott were absent. It was reported that a recent fundraising email was sent out.

Political Affairs Committee – Pat Kanzler mentioned “The Poor Peoples’ Campaign” which was started in the Civil Rights era has been relaunched. They will meet locally every Monday from 5-6pm on the corner of I St. and 5th in Eureka (Courthouse) for the next five weeks. They are primarily focused on women, children, and the disabled. Weekly themes such as: racism, environment, etc.
Pat spoke about candidates that don’t take corporate money. State level: Diane Eastin, Gayle McLaughlin, Rueben Majors, Dave Jones, Pat Harris (wasn’t mentioned, but I thought he said that). Local level: Steve Madrone, Dani Burkhart, and Mary Ann Lyons.
Other topics Pat mentioned: It seems likely that Trump could be indicted for money laundering. North Korea. Teachers striking nationwide. Consensus is this is a great thing for the Democratic Party and recruiting, etc. Stephanie Haines mentioned a court ruling where a judge overturned the right to die.

Membership and Outreach – Michele Walford spoke about the idea of registering high school kids ages 15 –17 to vote. The plan is to model our outreach after what Norma Alcala is already doing successfully. Mentioned that member, Lathe Gill, knows the School Superintendent. The outreach would consist of training teachers and students –> Trained by HPD, then the students pretty much take over with little guidance.

Other pending business
Mario, HPD Parliamentarian, mentioned his role is to assist the Chair with procedural issues and the Chair ultimately decides. A new member asked about the pro-ration of membership fees. This is OK. Barbara Carolan asked for clarification and the word “public” be added to “tuition-free college” in by-laws. There was further discussion about the verbiage in items IV and V in the by-laws. It was suggested that we add the word “hardship” waiver verbiage on page 2, C. No one disagreed. Someone mentioned that for item V.(E.) that “or waiver” should be added. No one disagreed with the suggestion.

Bob Service mentioned that the HPD by-laws came from a “boiler-plate” template as an FYI. Mario motioned to approve as suggested through, V. Dues in the HPD By-laws and Alan seconded. Barbara Carolan voted no on technicality of item C. (IV). Motion passed.

Helene mentioned that the notice of meeting was shortened to 10 days (in both spots on page 3) to give consideration to the effect this has of getting the message out during the work-week, vs. weekend. No one disagreed.

Mario recommended to reconcile the endorsement process to match at 60% and also be in-line with newly amended HCDCC bylaws. Bob Service and Billy Cook agreed. Several folks spoke up in regards to the 60% vs. 2.3. Most favored changing to 60%. Starting on pg. three, VI.(D.) through VII.(G.) on page four, all instances of two-thirds were changed to 60%, “three-fourths” was changed to “3/4”. The word “members” was added to the fourth line of item E. on page 4, for clarification purposes. And the verbiage “constitution and” was removed from item F. Other items were updated for typos, extraneous verbiage, etc.

Under IX. Committees, the words “and maintain” was added to C. Media and Communications. The verbiage “and Legislative” was added to the title to D. Political and Legislative Affairs (Committee). Item “H. Responsibilities” was added to page seven to elaborate on and encourage member participation.

Under “Amendments” section on page 7, “two-thirds” was changed to “sixty percent (60%)” and “two weeks” was changed to 10 days.

Mario move to vote to approve. Allen seconded. All Ayes.

Mario clarified that current by-laws are applicable for today’s meeting and the items we are discussing.

Vivian Denniston asked if people had to be physically present?

Nominations and elections to fill vacancies
HPD Endorsements:

Lathe Gill (Judge race) spoke to the crowd for five minutes. He chronicled his experience at various levels. 10 years with the labor movement. Del Norte Employees Union. Bargain contracts. Mental Health Court. He also mentioned that we have a Drug and Homeless Court as well. He said that he cannot argue public positions, but he can _______ (acting secretary lapse). Dani motioned for endorsement by Acclimation for Lathe Gill, and Michele seconded.

Karen Paz Dominguez (County Auditor/Controller race) Karen is the current County Assistant Controller. She’s been an accountant for five years. Experience with two local CPA firms. She spoke about several areas that lack focus. Transparency is a big issue. Paper copies of invoices/documents caused major headaches. Now paperless as of Dec. 2017 thanks to her. Electronic file retrieval and protecting confidentiality are also important issues. Her qualifications were questioned by some opposing her candidacy and she reiterated that she is qualified by the job description and she is an Enrolled Agent with the IRS. Barbara Carolan motioned to approve by Acclimation. Allen Seconded.

Mario suggested moving 5th District Supervisor ahead, since there was only one candidate. So we did that…

Steve Madrone (5th District County Supervisor race) Steve is involved in Forestry Watershed Management, he’s the Executive Director of the Mattole Watershed…, he helped establish the Hammond Trail. He’s been endorsed by several tribes. He stressed that people usually agree 80% of the time, so he wants to focus on those kinds of solutions. Public transparency is both important and lacking in the 5th District currently. Barbara motioned to endorse by Acclimation. Allen seconded.

Mary Ann Lyons (4th District County Supervisor race) Mary spoke about her experience and background. She has a Masters degree in education. She is a K-8 teacher in a local charter school. She was a longtime COOP employee. She was the only candidate endorsed by the UFCW, LCL and the Green Party. She
aligns with progressive Democrats. She kick started Barrack Obama’s primary candidacy back in 2007. She worked a long time ago at the DHSS aka the “welfare office”. Experience with child protective services. She mentioned we can set up an emergency shelter/tent city now and don’t have to wait for tiny homes. Barbara asked her if she would vote for Dani and support her if she won and was contesting Virginia Bass. Mary Ann said they’ve already agreed to support the other in that case.

Dani Burkhart (4th District County Supervisor race) Dani mentioned that she has policy experience on the county, city, and state-wider levels. She has consultant experience with city, county and state entities. She is the current Treasurer for the Humboldt County Democratic Party. She has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and a minor in Economics. Other topics she mentioned were: infrastructure and informational/data integrity, transparency in county govt., the County meetings are at 9am which is prohibitive for most working folks. Mario asked what her experience with unions was. Dani said she has exposure which continues to grow.

For this endorsement there were 16 voting members present. The vote was 14 for Dani, 2 for no-endorsement, out of 16 (non-secret) votes.

Dani motioned to adjourn the meeting and everyone cheered! Barbara seconded it. All ayes!

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