Minutes | July 17, 2018

Helene opened the meeting at 6:05 pm. There was a concern with whether we had a quorum present but additional voting members walked in and we were able to establish a quorum for the meeting.

Guests present at the meeting: Caroline Griffith from NCPA, Patrick O’Rourke from Ferndale City Council, Jeff Zigler, Rachel Montoya-for Proposition 8.

Minutes – There was a motion made by Michele Walford to approve the minutes and the motion was seconded by Peggy Dickinson.


Treasurer’s report – Billy Cook reported that we had $1,894.95 in our checking account and $50 in our savings account. Billy also announced that it was time to pay dues and that members should see him to pay dues and receive receipt of payment.

Chair’s report – Helene Rouvier gave the Chair’s report which included highlights from the recent State Democratic e-Board meeting in Oakland. The highlights of her report included the following topics:   

  • CADEM passes resolution to support the repeal of Costa Hawkins.
  • Rules Committee update-including the determination that the Humboldt County Central Committee by-laws are non-compliant as were other reviewed central committee bylaws across the state with the exception of one (Riverside).
    • Helene reported that the rules committee would contacting the HCDCC via Bob Service regarding the changes/amendments needed to bring County Central Committee into compliance with the CDP bylaws.
  • California Democratic Council has offered resources to help chartered clubs like ours including trainings that we may want to inquire about.
  • The rules committee will be reviewing the automatic placement of incumbents onto the consent calendar for Convention. This was a very contentious issue at the last two conventions.
  • At the Rural Caucus Martha McClure was elected as North Coastal Regional Chair
  • The CDP approved a resolution to limit super delegates participation in the first round of voting.
  • Kevin DeLeon received the party endorsement for US Senate, taking Feinstein and the establishment by surprise. It was also reported that Feinstein and her campaign spent a great deal of time and resources telling delegates to vote NO Endorsement (in an effort to undermine the democratic process of voting for party endorsements)
  • It was reported that Helene, Michele and Allen worked on the planning committee for the “Families Belong Together” rally in old town Eureka. There were over 3,000 people in attendance and the march/rally was a great success.

Membership and Outreach. Michele Walford reported that she would be setting up a meeting time. Allen McCloskey reported that he was going to be meeting with local high school instructors to attempt to get us set up with class time with students to discuss voter registration and various opportunities for students to get involved with club activities.

Fundraising and Finance – Helene announced that we had an officer opening. She asked if there was any interest in the Fundraising and Finance position available.

Media and Communications – Tom gave a short report that our email distribution list was up and operational. He asked members present if they were all receiving things he and Scott had been sending out. Those members present indicated that the email distributions were in fact working very well. Tom also announce that currently on the media and communication committee it was himself, Scott Marcus, Ayana Shearer, and Stephanie Haines.

Secretary – Allen McCloskey made a motion to nominate Scotts Marcus for the position of Secretary. The motion was seconded by Tom Sokolowski and the motion passed unanimously.

New Business:

Proposition 8 – Presentation from guest Rachel Montoya from the local Proposition 8 supporters. It was determined that Michele Walford and Lesley Ester would collaborate to put together a resolution for us to pass supporting Proposition 8.

Delegate challenge – The club took up a resolution which expressed support for the recent letter issued by CADEM E-Board Members calling for a challenge to the delegate status of Congressman Jared Huffman, Senator Mike McGuire and Assemblyman Jim Wood for endorsing NPP Ryan Sundberg and attempting to keep Democratic endorsed candidate Steve Madrone from being elected. There was a motion made to support this challenge, motion was made by Patrick O’Rourke and seconded by Chris Niehaus. The motion passed unanimously. Helene Rouvier will draft and distribute a press release highlighting the club’s support for this challenge.

Guest Presentation – Caroline Griffith from NCPA gave a quick presentation/talk about what offices were available and which seats NCPA was recruiting folks to run for. She also spoke briefly about what NCPA offers in the way of support for candidates running for office.

Motion to adjourn by Michele Walford and seconded by Peggy Dickinson. Passed and meeting adjourned.

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