Minutes | July 17, 2018

Helene opened the meeting at 6:05 pm. There was a concern with whether we had a quorum present but additional voting members walked in and we were able to establish a quorum for the meeting. Guests present at the meeting: Caroline Griffith from NCPA, Patrick O’Rourke from Ferndale City Council, Jeff Zigler, Rachel Montoya-for Proposition … Continue reading Minutes | July 17, 2018

Minutes | April 18, 2018

Call to Order Roll Call Minutes from 4/18/18 meeting were approved without any changes. Acting Secretary failed to note who motioned and seconded.... (No Secretary report due to absence.) Guest Speakers Intro – New people Brandie Wilson and Karen Paz Dominguez were new to HPD and introduced themselves. Treasurer Report – Approximately $200 in outstanding … Continue reading Minutes | April 18, 2018