This will be our last meeting of 2017

We’re off to a really good start:
  • We have 184 names on our lists – 134 with Email addresses
  • The Club qualified for four (4) votes at the January, 2018 Democratic Pre-Endorsement Conference. (We have even more votes due to our members being: members of the County Central Committee and elected ADEM delegates)
  • One of our members is a member of the CA Democratic Party Rules Committee
  • We have members running for office – 4th and 5th District County Supervisors, one running for Eureka Mayor
  • One of our members has been nominated for Vice-Chair of the County Central Committee


This meeting:

We encourage all of you to bring cash or your checkbook in order to pay your dues:

Annual Dues Levels:

Under 18                                                            No Dues
Student / Senior (65+)                                  $10.00
General Membership                                      20.00
Aggressive Progressive                                   50.00
Revolutionary                                                   150.00
  • Payment of dues shall not be obligatory to anyone for whom it constitutes an economic hardship. After due consideration an exemption may be approved by the Executive Board.
  • We have a guest speaker: Lathe Gill, who is running for Superior Court Judge
  • We will discuss Strategy and Tactics to prevent Assembly Member Jim Wood from getting a Democratic Party Endorsement – because of his active opposition to SB562, Health Care for All, and because of his refusal to listen to his constituents’ demands to use his position and Chair of the Assembly Health Committee to get SB562 out of the round file.
  • Nominations for Officers – Elections will occur at our January, 2018 meeting.
    • Chair
    • Vice-Chair
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Standing Committee Chair

Standing Committees:

Membership and Outreach:  responsible for membership development and support, including recruitment and retention.
Fundraising and Finance:  responsible for coordination of activities required to raise funds for the operation of the Club and support of issues and candidates endorsed by the club; responsible for preparing an annual budget and maintaining an appropriate reserve fund.
Media and Communications:  research and develop web site, social media platforms, press releases, advertising, announcements, printed materials, signage, and other communications and media.
Political Affairs:  oversee programs and activities related to making candidate endorsements, supporting political campaigns, donating money, organizing volunteers within the membership for political action and conduct other political functions as delegated by the General membership.
Legislative Affairs:  research legislative activity on a local, state, or federal level of interest to the Club, providing periodic reports to the Club.

      • Chairs of Standing Committees:  shall, beginning in January, 2018, be elected or removed in the same manner as officers of the Club and shall serve as members of the Executive Board.
      • The Chair of each committee shall provide oral reports as requested by the Executive Board or Chair.
      • Special Committees:  The Executive Board and the Chair shall have the authority to appoint special committees as needed to accomplish the objectives of the Club.
  • A proposal to adopt a resolution Admonishing Assembly Member Jim Wood, because of his active opposition to SB562
  • A proposal to adopt a resolution Urging Internal Party Analysis and Consideration of the Findings and Recommendations of the Democratic Autopsy Report


Some words from our current Chair:

Since this our last meeting before the holidays, let me take this opportunity to thank all of you who have worked so hard to organize and bring together Active Progressives to participate in Bernie Sander’s call for a Political Revolution. Che Guevarra has been quoted as saying: “At the risk of seeming ridiculous, let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love.”
This description certainly describes members of the Humboldt Progressive Democrats.

With that let me offer my personal best wishes for a Happy and Peaceful Holiday Season for all of you, your families, and your circles of good friends. Let the Spirit of the Season remind us of why we do the work that we do.

Thank you all very much.

Chris Niehaus

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